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  • Latest News
    • Kelina Hospital Commissions the Swiss Lithoclast Master
    • Surgical Aid Foundation in collaboration with Kelina Hospital Abuja Presents the 2017 Surgical Outreach Programme. Theme: Laparoscopic Surgery, Sub-Theme: Endourology, Date: 5-16 June 2017
    • Kelina Hospital launches the Plasma Sterilizer. It is the best method of sterilizing endoscopic surgery equipment. The first in Nigeria
Kelina Hospital is an emerging centre of excellence in medical and surgical care located in Abuja FCT, Nigeria. Established as a private institution in the tradition of the world's best hospitals, Kelina aims for the highest standards in patient care and surgical expertise nationally and worldwide.
The mission of Kelina Hospital is to promote, preserve, and restore individual and family health by providing expert medical and surgical care within an innovative and dignified environment. Our management and staff are committed to continually acquire and apply the most current knowledge and technical skills in the treatment of our patients, and we do this with the utmost respect for the dignity and privacy of each individual.
We invite you to browse around our website for information that may be useful for your health, or when you might need our assistance for yourself, a family member, or a friend.


The annual surgical outreach programme hosted by Kelina Hospital in conjunction with Surgical Aid Foundation is geared towards assisting the less privileged ones in our society who could not ordinarily afford expensive surgical procedures, such as minimal access surgery. During this period, surgeries are usually done at a reduced price, under sponsorship of Surgical Aid Foundation. This year’s theme was Laparoscopic Surgery. The programme took place between 5th-16th June 2017 and only patients who were qualified for laparoscopic procedures were taken. We had a case of patient with pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction to the kidney who had advanced surgical technique of Laparoscopy Pyeloplasty. It would appear that this was the first of such procedures to be done in this country. It involves the deployment of three small access points on the skin and the patient was up on his feet the same day of surgery and ready to go home the next day. Several other procedures were done, including Laparoscopic Biopsy of a retroperitoneal mass causing retroperitoneal fibrosis, Laparoscopic marsupialization of a deep-seated kidney cyst, amongst others. Kelina Hospital is a centre of excellence for Urology, and it is no wonder that mostly urological procedures were done in the first week of this programme.

Nigerians often troop abroad on medical tourism to have very simple surgeries done at a very high cost whilst the same procedures are available at home with little stress and lower budget.

Kelina hospital has been reputed to have high-tech surgical equipment for endoscopic, lithotripsy, laser-based and laparoscopic surgeries and citizens could reduce expenses on their health by taking advantage of what is available here at home. One major advantage of taking treatment at home is that almost everyone requires follow-up care, especially after surgery. When people go out of the country, often without referrals, and return to meet doctors here in the country who did not participate in their care abroad, it is pretty difficult to know where to start or continue from. The patients have a lot of difficulty travelling out for every little headache thereafter. When surgery is done at home, patients could go back to the hospital time and again. Sometimes consultation fees are waived when patients need to see doctors frequently. This is impossible if you do your surgery abroad. Once in a while, some procedures are not available in the country.

Most Surgeons know the best of their colleagues to handle such cases abroad and it is always best to let a Nigerian Surgeon in that specialty recommend to you whom to see abroad. Referrals to specialists abroad should not be from non-specialists in Nigeria. Any doctor who is not a specialist in a particular field cannot say for sure that a specific procedure outside his field is not available here at home. Our candid advice to any patient is to always meet the specialist before travelling abroad, rather than going to the web to locate doctors abroad for themselves. This could be a tragic mistake that may land you in a lot of trouble. We have seen Nigerians with minor health challenges going abroad and coming back in coffins.